When a Wish Comes True

What happens in your wish hotel when a wish comes true? Does your wish just cease to be? No! It becomes a memory. Just think about it, a memory, a good one, one where something you have wanted comes to pass, that is just a wish all grown up. And guess what else? When a […]

Which, wish to wish?

Is there a reason, do you suppose, that wish is a noun and a verb? Your wish hotel, this is where the noun wishes live. They each have a room, a place where they wait. Wishes are pretty spoiled. It takes a lot of your energy and resources to keep them there but they won’t […]

What are Wish Hotels?

A castle, like the ones that hold all of the fairy tales we loved as children.they held the magic of our wishes. In each room a fairy, a dragon, a knight in shining armor waited to tell us their tale of magic, whimsy and pure imagination. As we grew up we lost site of our […]